Fajr in Fes


As the first light of Fajr washes over the ancient city of Fes, so too does this prayer mat illuminate your spiritual journey. The gentle cream hue, named after the city known for its wisdom and tranquility, creates a space for quiet reflection and deep connection. Sink into the plush comfort of the suede, and let your worries melt away like the morning mist. With each movement, find peace and clarity, inspired by the soft glow of a new day in Fes.

Additional Information:

  • All mats are made from natural rubber and suede, providing optimal comfort and support.
  • Anti-odor, non-toxic, and latex-free.
  • Dimensions are 55” x 24 3/4”, offering ample space for movement and prostration.
  • The 5MM thickness provides excellent cushioning for your joints.
  • The gripped/non-slipping texture ensures stability throughout your prayers.
  • Easy to care for with a damp cloth and yoga mat spray/natural detergent.
  • Hand-wash only and air-dry to maintain the integrity of the suede.
  • Avoid prolonged sunlight to preserve the vibrancy of the colors.
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