Azumar symbolizes the blend of comfort, faith, and unique Moroccan heritage. Azumar’s embraces a heartfelt narrative of Touriya Haoud’s profound journey, where she turned life’s toughest challenges, including loss and health struggles, into a springboard for spiritual rediscovery. Embracing Islam’s teachings as her solace and strength, Touriya’s inspiration sparked from the Quran’s hopeful verses in “Az Zumar,” leading her to create Azumar. More than just a prayer mat brand. These mats aren’t just for prayer; they’re portals to serenity, supporting the faithful in their spiritual path with a physical foundation for devotion. Azumar stands as a beacon of inspiration, inviting everyone to experience deeper connections and the enduring light of faith in life’s journey.


Our prayer mat is a one of a kind, designed with practicality, cleanliness, and comfort in mind. It is crafted from eco-friendly, natural materials, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. The mat’s suede texture and solid colors minimize distractions and enhance focus during prayer. Its quality construction and thoughtful design serve to support a tranquil and grounded prayer experience


All mats are made from natural rubber and suede, providing optimal comfort and support.

The dimensions are 55” x 24 3/4”, offering ample space for movement and prostration.

The 5mm thickness provides excellent cushioning for your joints.

The gripped/non-slipping texture ensures stability throughout your prayers.

Easy to care for with a damp cloth and yoga mat spray/natural detergent.

Hand-wash only and air-dry to maintain the integrity of the suede.

Avoid prolonged sunlight to preserve the vibrancy of the colors.