From Catwalks to Prayers: A Multifaceted Life

Touriya Haoud’s journey has been extraordinary. She rose to fame as a successful model, gracing the covers of renowned magazines and starring in international campaigns. Yet, beneath the dazzling exterior, a deeper yearning for purpose stirred within her.

Finding Strength in Adversity:

Life presented Touriya with personal trials that led her to explore her spirituality. In her darkest moments, she turned to Islam, rediscovering its profound teachings and finding solace in its embrace.

From Model to Entrepreneur:

Fueled by her newfound passion, Touriya transitioned from fashion to entrepreneurship. She established a successful global PR and branding agency, a pop-up art gallery, and ultimately, Azumar.

A Global Citizen with Moroccan Roots:

Touriya’s Moroccan-Macedonian heritage weaves a rich tapestry into her identity. It infuses Azumar with a unique blend of tradition and modernity, creating a brand that resonates with diverse communities.

A Voice for Inspiration and Empowerment:

Today, Touriya is a global brand consultant, using her platform to empower others and advocate for ethical beauty practices. Her inspiring story and unwavering faith continue to guide Azumar’s mission.

More than just a prayer mat, Azumar is a testament to Touriya’s journey, a beacon of hope, and an invitation to find your own serenity within.